Food Shack

Welcome to Pirates Bay Food Shack!


Ahoy, mateys! Whether you’re a weary adventurer looking to recharge or simply craving a delicious treat, Pirates Bay Food Shack is the perfect port of call. Nestled within the thrilling Pirates Bay Adventure Golf, our shack serves up a bounty of delectable delights that will satisfy pirates of all ages.


Quench your thirst with our selection of hot and cold drinks. From a comforting cup of tea or a robust coffee to a refreshing fruit smoothie, we’ve got something for everyone. And don’t miss out on our infamous thick milkshakes – choose from our classic flavours:🍦Traditional Vanilla, 🍓Strawberry, 🍫 Chocolate

Or indulge in one of our specialty shakes: 🍬 Smarties, 🍪 Oreo, 🌿 Mint Aero, 🍯 or the latest Biscoff flavour!


Enjoy our Mr. Whippy ice creams, along with soft scoop flavours including strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mint choc, and bubblegum. We also offer a variety of ice lollies and refreshing Slushies.


Our hot food menu is designed to fuel your fun! Enjoy a tasty panini, savour a classic hot dog or crispy chicken nuggets and fries. For the cheese lovers, we’ve got cheesy fries that are sure to hit the spot and don’t forget our mouth-watering cheesy nachos with toppings. Our kids’ lunchbox is perfect for the little ones, featuring a tasty sandwich, a juice carton, mini cheddars, a Frube yogurt and a Freddo chocolate treat.


Located right inside Pirates Bay Adventure Golf, we’re here to make your day even more memorable with tasty treats and refreshing drinks. Whether you’re taking a break from the action or celebrating a hole-in-one, our food shack is the ultimate treasure trove of flavours.


Yo-ho-ho and a belly full of yum! Come see us today!